Route 3 – Country Park Section

Completed Project

Lengthy conveyor belt avoids road congestion

In association with the development of the new airport at Chek Lap Kok and to enhance the road network of the north-western New Territories, the government decided to construct a new tunnel and access roads. Dragages was responsible for the southern part of the tunnel and the Yuen Long Approach Road.

The construction of the dual three-lane tunnel involved massive excavation works requiring some 2,000 trucks a day to transport surplus materials. The government, therefore, proposed to transport the spoil by sea using a conveyor belt. Dragages improved on the idea by using mobile crushers to accelerate the process. During the excavation works, 15 million tonnes of materials were transported using the two-kilometre conveyor belt.

With the adoption of the enhanced method, excavation of the southern end was completed more than two months ahead of schedule.

Client Route 3 (CPS) Company Limited
Joint-venture project Design and build a dual three-lane tunnel with access roads
Conveyor length 2,000m
Total tunnel length 3,750m
Tunnel length (handled by Dragages) 1,850m
Construction period 1995 - 1998