Executive Directors

  • Pierre-Eric SAINT-ANDRÉ


  • Patrick IU

    Managing Director

  • Kenneth LAU

    Executive Director

Operations Team

  • Alan KAM

    Project Director

  • Alexandre PELLARIN

    Project Director

  • Etienne BARANGER

    Operations Director (Civil Works)

  • Ivan CHAU

    Project Director

  • Ivan NG

    Project Director

  • Ka Leung LEE

    Project Director

  • Mark WONG

    Project Director

  • Paul LIU

    Operations Director (Building Works)

  • Victor AU-YEUNG

    Project Director

  • Eric CHAN

    Deputy Project Director

Corporate Executives

  • Xavier MONIN

    Civil Works Technical Director

  • Andy LAU

    Technical Director

  • Simon CHOW

    Engineering Director (Building Works)

  • Raymond HO

    Building Engineering Director

  • Roger LEE

    Corporate Safety Director

  • Etienne FAYETTE

    Head of Digital, Innovation and Transformation

  • Catherine LEE

    Human Resources & Communications Director

  • Loic MONTINI

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Keith LEE

    Corporate Senior Quality and Environmental Manager

  • Alice FUNG

    Head of Bouygues Construction Asia Legal & Compliance Desk

  • Timur DIKER

    Procurement Director

  • Patrick IU

    Chairman of BYME Engineering (H.K.) Ltd.