Ocean Park Redevelopment

Completed Project

The Ocean Park Redevelopment doubled the number of attractions in this popular theme park from 35 to over 70 showpieces. One of the new features is the funicular railway that shuttles guests to and from different areas of the park while also providing a marine conservation themed immersion with multimedia and interactive entertainment during the ride.
Excavation of an existing mountain was carried out to create the platform for the new attraction, along with tunnelling works and construction of termini. Alternate works included the demolition of old facilities, new site formation, utility works and relocation of a public transport terminus. The Park remained fully operational during the works.
A large conveyor belt was installed to safely and efficiently move excavated materials from deep in the mountain to barges for disposal, thus ensuring minimum impact on the environment.

Client Ocean Park Corporation
Project Site formation and construction of a funicular railway tunnel
Conveyor Belt 620m
Funicular Tunnel 1,245m
Construction period 2006 - 2009