Commercial / Office Development

New Civil Aviation Department Headquarters

Completed Project

To cope with the robust growth of air traffic and to consolidate all functional divisions of the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) under one roof, the Government decided to construct a new CAD headquarters.
The project comprised the design and construction of the new headquarters, representing a total site area of approximately 29,800 square metres on three sites, located in the south-eastern part of the Airport Island.
The construction of the Air Traffic Control Centre (ATCC) building presented the biggest challenge of the project. To ensure “zero failure” of all operational centres, the redundancy and routing of all the highly technical mechanical and electrical services had to be carefully studied in both ceiling and raised floor voids.
A number of sustainable features were integrated, including light pipes, a solar tracking system, solar powered lighting, photovoltaic panels, axial type wind turbines and extensive green roofs. This earned the CAD the highest platinum rating under the Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method (HKBEAM) and an Excellent Class in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) certificate.

Client Architectural Services Department, Hong Kong Government
Project Design & build of a new Civil Aviation Department headquarters
Construction floor area 64,500 square metres
Gross floor area 41,000 square metres
Construction period 2009 - 2012
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