Railway Tunnel

Shatin to Central Link – South Ventilation Building to Admiralty Tunnels (Contract No. 1128)

Completed Project

Dragages was selected to construct one of Hong Kong’s most technically challenging tunnels – part of the 6km extension of the ongoing Shatin to Central Line – from Kowloon to the transit hub on Hong Kong Island.

The main scope and challenge of the project was to construct the Eastern Tunnels and Western Tunnels by Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), as both tunnels went through the city’s busiest districts. Meticulous project planning was essential in aiding the TBMs to navigate through a large volume of pile obstructions and utilities with zero interruption of services to citizens. To cope with the complex geological conditions, two different types of TBMs were being employed for excavation – a slurry TBM and an Earth Pressure Balanced (EPB) TBM.

The construction of the South Ventilation Building required careful effort as well, as the existing Police Officers’ Club (POC) needs to be demolished and reprovisioned on the top of the South Ventilation Building.

Client MTR Corporation
Project Construction of the Eastern Tunnels and Western Tunnels
Eastern Tunnels 680m x 2 tunnels
Western Tunnels 480m x 2 tunnels
Construction period 2014 – 2021