Industrial Building

Kowloon Motor Bus Depot

Completed Project

Precast structure creates new industry standard

The design-and-build project for the Kowloon Motor Bus Depot comprised a six-storey workshop and a three-storey bus maintenance and parking facility.

Dragages proposed a precast building method, which took the experience gained on previous projects to a new level. In addition to precast beams and slabs, Dragages also used prefabricated concrete columns to build the structure. The result was a building made almost entirely of precast elements, which allowed work to be carried out in all weather conditions.

By employing this alternative building method, Dragages managed to shorten the work cycle, completing the project within 15 months and delivering substantial cost savings.

Such was the success of the building method, many of its features were subsequently adopted by other industry players.

Client Kowloon Motor Bus Company Limited
Project Design and build a six-storey workshop and a three-storey bus maintenance and parking facility
Precast beams 835 units
Precast columns 80 units
Precast slabs 2,170 units
Construction period 2000 - 2001

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