Commercial / Office Development

HAECO Maintenance Hangars

Completed Project

Column-free hangar requires massive roof trusses

A large hangar comprising three walls sounds like a simple project. However, complications were added by the requirement that the structure be capable of accommodating a range of aircraft, from the smallest jets to three Jumbo 747s side-by-side. In addition, aviation maintenance engineers would need specialist working areas around each plane.

The construction of the massive column-free workspace involved 3,000 tonnes roof trusses. The roof was prefabricated in two halves, then lifted into place and attached by masts and stays.

Taking into account the location on the reclaimed island, Dragages also factored in an adjustable 40cm space below the hangar doors to allow for future ground settlement.

Client Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co. Ltd
Project Construction of a 3-bay jumbo jet hangar, and a multi-level building at the rear
Hangar 200m x 70m
Construction period 1996 - 1998

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