CLP – Cable Tunnels and Crossing

Completed Project

Weaving Ties with the Community

The project required the design and construction of four tunnels and a horizontal directional drilling crossing in five different geographical locations. Dragages combined its tunnelling, environmental and community liaison expertise to complete the project smoothly.

The cable tunnel traversed various geological conditions, which required six different tunnelling methods. Coordinating these six methods simultaneously tested the project team’s coordination skills.

Strong community relations were an integral part of the project, with more than 100 village meetings, site visits, seminars, forums and fun days arranged throughout the four-year project.

The efforts paid were recognised by the community and Dragages received compliments from green groups, local schools and government departments.

Client CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
Project Design and build 4 tunnels and a crossing
Tunnels and crossing 5,430m
Construction period 2002 - 2006