Educational Institution

City University of Hong Kong – Phase II

Completed Project

New buildings using ‘waffle mould’ technique

The common practice, during the early 1990s, was to install the interior service ducts after completion of the building structures. On the City University project, Dragages employed the ‘waffle mould’ technique to enhance efficiency and flexibility. Slabs and beams were formed in the same pour by using fibre glass moulds. This technology created voids within the structures to accommodate the building services.

Another advantage of the technique was the creation of smooth surfaces that required neither plastering nor paint. Not only did this save time, it also satisfied the client’s request for exposed surface concrete finishes.

In all, 63,000 square metres of floor space were added, with interior work requiring the installation of 116 laboratories, four theatre rooms, canteens and three fully-equipped kitchens.

Client City University of Hong Kong
Project Construction of Academic Building, Amenities Building and Sports Complex
Floor area 63,000 square metres
Construction period 1991 - 1993