Site Formation

Central Reclamation – Phase I

Completed Project

Creating Hong Kong’s most valuable land

Central Reclamation, extending from the heart of Hong Kong’s Central Business District, created the most valuable 20 hectares of land in Hong Kong. The land soon became home of office towers, retail complexes, hotel, and MTR stations.

To ensure the seamless operation of the ferry piers, Dragages first built ‘bunds’ at the extremity of the reclamation site onto which it relocated the piers and a temporary walkway. The remainder of the land was then back-filled to create the total land area. To accelerate the process, more than 50 vessels were employed to perform the reclamation works.

Meanwhile, huge precast sections for the underground transport links were being constructed off-site. The 9,000-tonne tunnel section of the Airport Express station was brought to site on a large barge before being submerged into place.

Despite the scale and complexities of the project, Dragages completed it eight months ahead of schedule.

Client Territory Development Department, Hong Kong Government; MTR Corporation
Joint-venture project Formation of reclaimed land, creation of a tunnel unit, construction of 6 new ferry piers and other facilities
Reclaimed area 20 hectares
Sea wall length 1,100m
Construction period 1993 - 1997