World’s Longest Bridge over the Sea completes 5,000th Precast Bridge Segment

03 October 2016

Part of the massive Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) project, Dragages-China Habour-VSL Joint Venture have been joining hands to design and construct this 9.4km long dual three-lane viaduct section. Upon the completion of this new land transport link, commuters will take only some 45 minutes to reach Zhuhai from the Hong Kong Airport – compared to 4 hours at present.

This pre-cast segmental bridge with the world’s LONGEST span of 180m is being constructed with 5,714 pcs of pre-cast segments. To cope with the complex bridge alignment, more than 250 different types of segments are produced in various dimensions and sometimes unsymmetrical.

On 19th September, our project team members, together with management teams from the HZMB HK Project Management Office and the segment provider (CCCC2), celebrated the production of the 5,000th segment and completion of all segment-on-pier (SOP). The celebration was held on site in the segment factory located in the mainland.

Technical Highlights of Pre-cast Segment Production

  • A total of 5,714 pieces
  • 250 different types of segments – in various dimensions, including unsymmetrical pieces
  • Maximum height – 10m
  • Maximum width – 180m, the world’s LONGEST span for a pre-cast segmental bridge