SCL1128 Project wins MTR Gold Stakeholder Engagement Award

05 October 2020

As a responsible and committed company, we value our stakeholders in the community. The MTR Shatin to Central Link – Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter to Admiralty Tunnels – Contract no. 1128 (SCL1128) project sets an example of stakeholder engagement and has recently won the Gold Stakeholder Engagement Award 2019 from MTR Projects Division Quality, Safety, Environmental, Stakeholder Engagement Award Ceremony.

The SCL1128 project site is situated at the promenade of Wanchai and Causeway Bay – a vibrant area with a diverse neighbourhood, ranging from local residences, shopping arcades, schools, a NGO headquarter, elderly homes, typhoon shelters to hotels and a private members’ club. To the SCL1128 project teams, these neighbours are more than just stakeholders, but our important partners of the project. Throughout the construction phase, the project team regularly organised meetings and site visits in order to keep them abreast of the construction progress, and establish efficient communication channels. The project team also collaborates with the stakeholders to organise many charity activities and festive celebrations. The mutual trust between the project team and the neighbours not only ensures a smooth construction progress, but also builds a harmonious community.