Dragages Hong Kong – an Outstanding Family-friendly Employer

23 November 2016

Dragages’ cultivation of a family-friendly workplace was recently commended at the “2015/16 Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme” organised by the Family Council. Our inaugural participation saw us take home three awards.

Among the 2,800 participating companies, we were in the top 4% to win the Distinguished Family-Friendly Employer Award for companies with impressive practices and results. At Dragages Hong Kong, our benefits and HR policies are above standard amongst participating companies. To enhance work-life balance, regular fun-filled activities are organised for our employees – such as annual Fun Day, BBQ family day and hiking day, just to name a few.

Constantly injecting innovation into all of our work, Dragages received the Innovation Award for formulating new ideas in family-friendly policies and practices and in promoting family core values. “Success in Diversity” is one of our corporate objectives. To promote our culture of diversity, we have been hosting our annual Dashain Party since 2012, for the celebration of Nepal’s religious festival. This family-friendly night includes a feast with traditional food, Best Costume Competition, kids’ game booths, music and dancing.

To step up our support to employees, a Solidarity Fund was set up in 2010 to provide financial assistance to our employees or their family members in times of financial hardship due to sickness, injury, and sudden death of their family members.

Our third award – the Breastfeeding Support Award, recognises our support to breastfeeding employees by providing suitable facilities in the workplace. Our Mother Care room provides a hygienic, comfortable and private place with dedicated refrigerator inside.