Safety Initiatives


The 11 Corporate Safety Rules


  • Possession or consumption of drugs and/or alcohol is strictly forbidden on site
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements on site: Helmet, Safety spectacles, Reflective vest, Gloves and Safety boots
  • All types of earphones, radios headphones and other playing devices are banned on sites
  • Designated and safe pedestrian routes with notice and barriers
  • Prohibition on using TOYO scaffold for working platforms
  • Mandatory use of safety harness for PPE and use of ladders with handrails, platforms, mobile elevated working platforms (MEWP), and scaffolds as tools in all high level operations
  • Only rigid material (steel tubes, posts) may be used for guardrail at floor edge
  • Proper stacking of materials with tie up, racks, stoppers
  • All dangerous parts of machinery and equipment must be installed with guarding
  • Material cannot be stacked up against guardrails or mesh
  • Only trained and authorized signaler and banksman (identified with labels and yellow reflective vest) is engaged for lifting and moving plant operation

World Health & Safety Day

An annual event at site since 2011, emphasising Dragages’ total commitment to safety. The 11 corporate safety rules are promoted through presentations by management, workshops and on-site housekeeping activities.


Safety has always been on the top of our agenda. To promote zero accidents and to provide a healthy work environment for all employees, Dragages has fully participated in the annual Construction Safety Week since its launch in 2012. All of our work site staff, including front line site colleagues and top management, takes part in this annual public pledge jointly organized by the Development Bureau and the Construction Industry Council. The broad participation at all levels of the Company symbolises our determination to promote health and safety in every aspect of our business, as is also reflected in our safety slogan: “The Safe Way is the Only Way”.

Safety Incentive Scheme

Dragages places heavy emphasis on on-site safety. In partnership with all staff, a Foreman and Supervisor Safety Incentive Scheme was developed to raise awareness of safety and to reward individuals and teams that maintained high levels of site safety. Incentive schemes include individual and team rewards that can be allocated on an immediate, monthly or quarterly basis.


A no-blame culture of reporting accident ‘near misses’ on site has also led to a strong rise in staff raising safety issues before they develop into more serious hazards.


The issue of safety on site is supported at the highest level, with the Managing Director and other senior management overseeing and endorsing achievements on individual sites.