• The first and second box girders in their final positions

  • The third box girder was moved carefully into place


Liu To Bridge


Launching across a steep valley


As environmental issues moved up the agenda in Hong Kong, Dragages was a pioneer in incorporating these considerations into their projects. For the construction of the Liu To Bridge, across an unspoiled ravine on Tsing Yi Island, Dragages developed a technique which would avoid the need for scaffolding in the valley below.


The process, introduced by Dragages, involved launching incrementally four separate sections of the deck from both ends of the bridge. Once the four sections were in place across the valley, engineers were able to stitch them together in the midpoints to create the final structure.

Client Highways Department, Hong Kong Government
Project Construction of a 4-lane bridge
Central span 70m
Year of Commencement 1986 - 1987