• Shatin was separated from Kowloon by rugged peaks

  • Jumbo tunneling machines

  • Tunnel blasting was completed in 1963


Lion Rock Tunnel – Phases I & II


First road tunnel links Shatin with Kowloon


As Hong Kong’s population grew and economic development continued unabated, the Government sought new ways to pump fresh water from Plover Cove in the New Territories to the dynamic manufacturing heart of Kowloon.


Originally conceived as a water tunnel, the project was later extended to include the first road link through the granite mountain separating Kowloon from the New Territories. Using a jumbo tunnelling machine along with 150 tonnes of explosives, the 10.5 metre diameter tunnel was completed in 1964.


As the first road tunnel linking Kowloon and Shatin, the route opened a new social and economic lifeline to the far reaches of Hong Kong. Ten years later a second Lion Rock Tunnel was commissioned, a project again awarded to Dragages.

Client Public Works Department, Hong Kong Government
Project Construction of a road and water supply tunnel between Shatin and Kowloon
1st tunnel 1,400 m
2nd tunnel 1,400 m
Year of Commencement 1961 - 1964, 1973 - 1975