• The 120-metre launching girder weighed 450 tonnes

  • The launching girder was able to place two segments at a time

  • Workers applying extra strength segment glue


Kwun Tong Bypass – Phases II & III


Dragages brings new technology to Hong Kong bridge-building


The construction of the Kwun Tong Bypass transformed bridge-building in Hong Kong.


For the first time a 120-metre long “launching girder” was seen in operation. The specialist equipment was brought to Hong Kong following its successful use by the Bouygues Group in projects overseas.


The 450-tonne, steel structure was designed to move both forward and transversely, allowing for the lifting of two segments at one time.


The 2,206 pre-cast segments, some weighing as much as 80 tonnes, were then glued together and secured by prestressing. The new method allowed Dragages to complete a bridge span in three days by laying approximately 20 segments.


Such was the success of the new technique, the project was completed within 29 months, a full year ahead of the original plan.

Client Highways Department, Hong Kong Government
Joint-venture project Build 2 elevated highways, 2 ferry piers and a 1-km quay
Bypass 3,700m
Year of Commencement 1989 - 1991