• Loading explosives at the drill holes

  • Computerised jumbo drilling machines

  • The launching girder placing a massive pier segment


Cheung Tsing Tunnel and Viaducts


Computerised jumbos ensure precision

The Cheung Tsing Tunnel is Hong Kong’s first three-lane twin tube tunnel. It runs for 1,600 metres and is the second toll-free tunnel in Hong Kong.


Two fully computerised jumbo machines were used during excavation, making a 5-metre excavation per blast possible with precision.


To enhance site safety, explosives were handled with extra care. Blast chemicals would only become active when mixed at the drill holes, thus eliminating the possible hazards of storing large amounts of explosives on site.

Client Highways Department, Hong Kong Government
Project Construction of two 3-lane tunnels and 2 viaducts
Cross section 135 square metres
Tunnel 1,600m
Viaducts 700m
Year of Commencement 1993 - 1997